Where to Sell Art Online

9 Jun , 2017 Blog

Where to Sell Art Online

There were times when there was a need to have contacts in the art galleries to showcase your work and to be able to sell it was a totally different thing altogether. This was the reason that many people dare not dabble into paintings for the purpose of selling. They looked for a steadier stream of income and did their paintings as a side job. Today many budding artists are glad that they do not have to worry about thousands of difficulties that come when you are trying to sell through art galleries.

Today there are billions of options for the artists. They can sell their work through the most famous medium that is Internet. There are many websites that give the artists the liberty to choose the way they want to sell their art pieces. The most important comforting factor is that if the artist is looking to sell his art through many different websites then there are no issues as there are no limiting contracts between the site and the artist as is the case with many galleries, who do not allow the artist to sign up with any other gallery for the show till they are under a contract with them. This clause limits the artist to sell his art. There are two options that an artist could opt for:


The artist can setup a personal website that can help them develop a place of their own in the world of arts. The website can act as their portfolio as well as a selling place or a virtual shop. There are many advantages of selling through a personal shop, the whole of the profits are your own. There is no third party to be paid.


This option gives a lot of places where you can actually sell your art some of them are:

  • Gallery Sites, these sites take a percentage of each sale that you make, they also have a rent for displaying your work.
  • Social Media, social media platforms like Face Book, Instagram offer you a platform where you can sell. To move on to much advanced level of advertising you need to pay a monthly fee.
  • Art related market places like Etsy. They list your work and browsers view your work as per their own convenience. Here again the artist needs to pay a minimal amount to be able to list their work.

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