Selling Your Art Online

1 Jun , 2017 Blog

Selling Your Art Online

We are today living in a world that has no boundaries when it comes to creativity! This is not a myth or a bookish thought but a major factor that has encouraged many budding businessman and entrepreneurs to shape their thoughts into reality. There were times when an artist was totally dependent upon the galleries to show case their work and promote it. Today it’s all in the hands of the artists.

The advent of the dot com world has made it possible for the seasoned artists as well as budding artists to setup a virtual exhibition of their work. Many artists today setup Instagram accounts and promote their work through the social media platforms. Setting up a personal website and then promoting the artwork through social media like having a face book page and an Instagram account is the new marketing. The biggest advantage that these platforms have is that they are totally free. There is no need to spend a fortune or struggle to meet hectic deadlines set by the gallery owners when they have agreed to showcase your work. The artist can simply work at their own pace and upload their work. The more the followers they have on their social media the higher the chances of being able to sell work.

Many artists are of the opinion that having a website of your own requires a lot of time and effort, while displaying in a gallery is not so difficult. The major part that they are missing out is, that if they are willing to sell online then they need to have a domain name of their own this will show that they are really interested in the business. Customers buying from known websites. Having a personal portfolio on famous sites, a face book page, and an Instagram account with many followers is bound to sell your work. These things create credibility and people prefer investing money where there is a sure sign of being rewarded for their purchase.

Today there are many sites that help artists promote their work without much hassle. These sites help artists earn a place in the circle of respected artists. Followers and likes can be termed as the new digital currency for the artists. Becoming an artist whose work sells, is not an easy task, it requires a lot of time and effort, once the website has been set up a bit of persistent efforts can

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